Master Shortie X The Sun


Master shortie recently played a exclusive session reported by The Sun, Mr  Kerlin Aka Master Shortie, proud owner of his own record label is gearing up for his release Dance like a white boy out april 20th


5 Responses to Master Shortie X The Sun

  1. Jack says:

    This kiddie has soo much style and his live shows are ‘off the chain’ ha 🙂
    super glad he’s been given the chance to support basement jaxx this month, crowds going to love him!!!

  2. musicologyuk says:

    yeah ive seen him perform a few times, gets the crowds really going so im sure they wont be disappointed.

    Defo one to watch this year

  3. hannah says:

    He really is making a name for himself this year, love his videos on youtube>:)

  4. John Gyde says:

    Yeah he’s supporting them in manchester tonight! 🙂 i’ll be there.

  5. Jake Selway says:

    like to know how that went ^^^
    he’s moving onto wireless next i think?!

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