Master Shortie AkA Theo Kerlin

Musicology: Right let me start off by saying Master Shortie is something new for the uk scene, even though the rope chain thing is an over kill, im glad he moved away from that real quick.

My Post is about them doing another music video for dead end, i despise when artist go to America and make an American version of there video (Leona Lewis -Bleeding love, Craig David – Walking Away Daniel Bedingfield -Gotta Get Through This) because my opinion is the videos turn out worse in some cases, like is the video not good enough for the US market, oh by the video im guessing sex sales.

i just hope Master Shortie can keep his identity while trying to sale records and not have girls parading in his videos like every other rapper.

so he is currently in Brooklyn putting the finishing touches to the new video check out the sneak peak, and also check out the original and tell me what you think?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

One Response to Master Shortie AkA Theo Kerlin

  1. wyfee91 says:

    i lovee shortie. he is well cool!!!

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