Pixie Lott: Take Your Pix


How’s it going Pixie?

Hello! It’s good thanks. I’ve been quite busy today. This morning I got the Eurostar from France to HMV on Oxford St. to do the launch of the Guitar Hero thing. I did lots of interviews and took pictures and then I went to Bluewater to do a signing thing. After this I’m going to Hull to do a radio show thing tomorrow.

That’s a lot of ‘things’. How are you coping with all the press? Is fame and fortune all it’s cracked up to be?

Hmm, I didn’t know what to expect; I definitely didn’t think it would be as busy as it is. Before my first song released, I’d ring up the label and say ‘What can I do? I’ve got a day off, I’m bored. Is there something I can be doing to help myself?’ Now I’m begging for a day off (laughs). It’s completely changed. When I first started, I used to get really excited for every interview, and now I don’t have the same excitement. Sometimes it does get hard to keep talking about yourself for hours, but I keep up the enthusiasm.

Are there any questions you’re really sick of answering?

None are really annoying me because I understand that people have to ask the same questions because I’m a new artist. I get asked the same questions, about celebrity crushes, or why am I called Pixie. It’s fair enough, I don’t get annoyed by it, it’s cool.

Why are you called Pixie…?


Joke. But we do want to know who you fancy though.

I always say the same boys, because that’s what the press print anyway. Like Robert Pattinson… the usual heartthrobs. There’s not anyone new on the scene, I don’t think.

So, the FHM shoot?

(Laughs) Yeah, it was fine; I was excited to do it. It wasn’t really any different to other shoots, because I was just wearing the hot pants I wear in the video and stuff. I think my mum and dad were a bit worried about it coming out and seeing what people said.

So now it’s out, what did they say?

They don’t really talk about it (laughs). They haven’t said anything. It’s like ‘Move on…’ I think they think about what kind of people read those magazines, so I think that’s their main… er, thought. But it’s fine.

What do you like in a boy?

I don’t know. I think it’s when you first meet someone, how you get on, if you’re on the same wavelength, if you have a similar sense of humour and outlook on life. I think that’s the main thing.

We see you on Twitter, chatting to Chipmunk and Tinchy…

Yeah, I think they’re all so nice. I’ve met them at different shows and festivals and we all talk to each other.

About what?

Just general chit-chat really. I see Tinchy quite a lot, and I met Dizzee the other day at the Q awards. He’s so nice. They’re all such nice people.

How about Chipmunk? You’d make a nice couple…

Ahhhh, do you think so? That’s funny.

It could work well. You’re the same age…

Is he 18? I didn’t know that. I don’t think he looks younger than that, but he is all cute and Chipmunk-y.

‘Cute and Chipmunk’y eh?


Hmm, maybe this will be the start of a beautiful friendship – Chippy, holla at Pixie! Watch that be in all the tabloids now – how are you finding the gossip rags?

It’s quite weird, actually, especially the paparazzi side of things. It’s hard because they do make up a lot of things; the other day there was a story that I was out drinking tequila shots with Mickey Rourke, but that didn’t happen. I did meet him and he was nice, but he wasn’t buying me drinks! And apparently I’ve been out every night all week, which wasn’t true – I went to the GQ Awards, and my album launch, but that’s it. Or when they get sneaky pictures; I’ll be getting out of a cab and trying to be graceful, but they put their camera’s everywhere so you can’t help but look really ungraceful.

They put them up your skirt, right?

That’s what they do; they put the camera’s right below so you can’t escape from it.

Wow, that’s terrible. It should be illegal.

It should be, but they’re just nuts.

Of all the high points, what’s been the highest?

I think the craziest day was the album launch the other week. Getting my own plane with my name on it… I didn’t know it was going to be that big; I was just in fits of laughter, it was really funny. I did some interviews on there, did the safety instructions, went in the cockpit… and then came back and did a show in London that night. I think that was one of the highlights.

How was working with everyone on the War Child single?

That was great. I’m always keen to get involved with charities where I can, and I was especially interested in War Child because of what they do, with helping children caught in war. The things they have to put up with is unimaginable. I was reading up on it, and it’s terrible. So I think it’s a really good cause and I thought it was great that they got lots of new UK talent to be involved.

How was the day itself, shooting the video?

It was cool; everyone was hanging out and chatting. It was great to meet N-Dubz and VV Brown. Everyone was really excited and Dappy was hyper, I was like ‘Woah’. He was crazy.

Haven’t you written a song for Alexandra Burke’s album?

Yeah, I found out a couple of weeks ago that it’s definitely on there. It’s called You Broke My Heart. I’d been told a while ago that Simon Cowell had picked it out as one of the songs they maybe wanted to use, but then I didn’t hear anything for a while so I thought they weren’t going to use it. When I heard it had made the album, I was really pleased. It’s got a retro vibe to it; it’s Duffy-esqe so it didn’t really fit in with the rest of my album. I think it’s a really good song though, and I think it will bring out the soulfulness in Alex’s voice.

Are you writing for anyone else?

I heard Alesha Dixon was interested in one song, but I haven’t heard anything since then. A lot of European artists have cut my songs, but I’m not sure what they called! One song is being recorded by Polydor’s new girl group, Girl’s Can’t Catch.

Who would you like to write for?

I’d love to write for as many people as possible. I’ve written hundreds of songs, but I could only pick 12 for my album, so it’s good to find homes for them otherwise they’d be like little lost songs with no one to sing them!

Well Mariah needs a hit right now…

Wow, that would be amazing. I’d love to work with Mariah.

What do you think of her new stuff?

I’ve only heard Obsessed and I love anything Mariah does. I mean, obviously I prefer her early stuff, I love all that.

Her voice isn’t what it was…

When she was in her prime… no one could top that.

When did you first want to become a singer?

I suppose everyone says this, but since I was young I was always singing around the house. I drove my family crazy singing all the time.

Seeing as you’re 18, what do you base your songwriting experience on?

Sometimes it’s how I’m feeling on the day, or if there’s something I want to get off my chest. To be honest I really like writing sad, heartbroken songs cos they’re my favourite to sing. I can really get the lyrics across and sing with proper emotion.

So have you had your heart broken?

To be honest, I’ve haven’t as yet had a proper, serious boyfriend, so I’ve yet to experience that. I’ve been heartbroken in other ways though.

What music are you into to the moment?

I really like Kid British; I try and see them live whenever I’m around. The girl that supported me at my album launch; Rachel Furner. She’s really talented. There’s a lot of acts around at the moment that aren’t particularly talented, that can’t sing, but she’s actually really good.

Care to mention any names?

Uh, no!

Well done to whoever media trained you…

(Laughs). No names, no! Who else do I like? Lady GaGa is great. I saw her at V and then I saw MGMT, and that was the best thing I’ve ever seen. Everyone was going crazy, jumping up and down. It was brilliant.

Ok, the album is out now. Why the hell should I spend dough on Turn It Up?

I’ve been working on it for the last four years, so I’m so happy that people are finally able to hear it. I’ve been so lucky to have the opportunity to work with these top producers and writers. They’ve helped me write proper songs, with great melodies, so I hope people appreciate that. The thing I really like about it is it’s not one of those albums that’s repetitive, where every song sounds the same. I wanted to make sure I made an exciting record, that people wouldn’t lose interest in.

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