Canteen Records Presents: Bias and River Nelson

On Aug 29th Bias and River Nelson bring together their respective talents to create the boundary-pushing 5 track “While We’re Young EP”. Highlights include the hooky, defiant ‘Wherever We Go’, the perspective-inducing ‘Different At Night’ and, of course, the prowling title track, whose pitch-perfect blend of both US and UK Hip-Hop utilises synths, samples, head nodding beats, and evocative lyrics: “I stare into the glare while I’m still in my youth.” Oh, and don’t miss the ace animation for ‘Strange Things here.


Since making a name for himself as Lewis Parker’s DJ, Bias has gone on to become recognised as one of the UK’s top underground producers.

River Nelson began his recording career as a member of the Boogie Monster collective and was signed to Arista Records by then label boss Clive Davis.  Last year his debut album, “The Rise and fall of River Nelson” was acclaimed everywhere from Evening Standard to The Independent to Q Magazine.

With Bias on production and River Nelson on lyrics and vocals, listeners will be treated to two separate EP’s: “While We’re Young” is served up first on Aug 29, and the second EP, “Once We’re Old” will follow soon after (TBC).

Check out the tracks from ‘While We’re Young’ here,

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