Green Mountain Music Group


Formally known as Dream Chasers Music Entertainment, The Green Mountain music group was founded in 2012 by four young music minded individuals who wanted to re-introduce high quality and authentic music and direct it towards the mainstream airwaves.  Priding themselves in the strong ability to spot, develop and nurture up and coming talent, the group’s reputation is the perfect step into a profound and prolific career.

For the fourth year of activity, the Green Mountain Music Group is constantly expanding with their artists reaching heights they never thought were achievable. The Green Mountain music Group also contains some of the most authentic and quality records to come out of the UK, minus the major label distribution. The group aims to release quality music and sound for the independent thinkers and fans of the Green Mountain Music Label for many centuries to come. 

Green Mountain introduces the world to its state of the art musicians who provide authentic cutting edge music. With the ability to identify and appreciate each artist and their unique qualities, we pay articulate attention to the details of each individual act. If you were to ask us about our purpose and the process we have established to achieving our intentions, we would explain it like this “We seek, we plant, we feed, and we grow”. By focusing on what interlinks our acts and their music, we actively seek opportunities to strengthen their roots and increase the potential of any skills that may appear less prosperous.

Green Mountain appreciate good music and accept all genre but specialise in (Soul, House, Indie , RNB , HipHop and Pop) 




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