@ReeceRobertson { REECE – “HOUSE PARTY” } Video By @iKonFilms

May 5, 2012


21 year old British artist REECE, whose real name is Reece Robertson who records under the mononym REECE, has already made a name for himself and has gained a large number of followers.

REECE went on to break the record for the longest played song on Channel AKA in 2009, with over 1 million views for this first music video ‘Heaven ‘at the age of 17.
Following his soaring success he released four follow up music videos; ‘watcha say (remix)’, ‘Spoof Song’, ‘KISS ME’ and ‘Party Till Lights Out’ which charted at #14 in the UK club Chart Magazine Just behindLady gaga, Jason derulo and Jay-z.

With a string of performances ranging from a total of 200 shows in 2009 and 20010, REECE hasperformed alongside the likes of N-Dubz, Jessie J and Wretch 32 to name a few, and has madeappearances in over twenty publications such as RWD and Mizz magazine.

The song is a fusion between Grime and Hip Hop with hard hitting lyrics. It is more of a three minute statement rather than a full length song, and that statement is to declare that REECE means business.

                                                                                                         “I’m just talking to the industry init”

in essence, this is a track written to the ‘industry’ and it certainly isn’t a house party.


Get Familiar: DREAMKIDD

April 13, 2012


Some of the greatest artists in history have a spot in the musical hall of fame for being the pioneers of a brand new sound. Dreamkidd is one of these people. Uninterested in following the generic formula of UK hip hop, he incorporates synthpop and new-wave into his mix of powerful yet smooth sound. Dreamkidd describes his music as being dark, different and dirty. He brings together an eclectic range of different musical genres, to create what can only be described as alternative hip hop.

Dreamkidd has a great affinity for 80’s, house and new wave music, citing Phil Collins, Duran Duran, Softcell and Kavinsky as his personal favorites and influences. He has combined his love for the aforementioned artists into the production of his music to give it that enigmatic and inexplicable sound. He’s a rapper that likes mixing it up.
Primarily focusing on detail, Dreamkidd likes his music to be graphic and uses carefully constructed lyrics and complex wordplay that leaves listeners hanging onto his every word. He is inspired by rappers, Kanye West, Eminem, Drake and Joe Budden.

Uniquely dressed with the power to say things in ways that have not been said before, Dreamkidd is surely one of a kind. With no comparisons or similarities to current UK rappers, he stands alone.

“I don’t believe that I could be similar to anyone, being that my music comes from inside my own head. It’s better to leave it up to interpretation’.


Dreamkidd has already written and produced an album and is in the process of recording a palette of new material with a kaleidoscope of sounds. He plans on making his mark in the Music industry and show people something different; the type of sound that is rarely seen in mainstream hip hop.



Busta Rhymes “Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown” Official Music Video

January 30, 2012

The official music video for Busta Rhymes’ “Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown.”

Get the track for free now from Android Market http://goo.gl/psjez

Back in November, Busta Rhymes offered you all a chance to appear in the music video for “Why Stop Now,” his latest single. Hundreds of you took up his challenge, downloaded the song, learned the verse, and filmed yourselves spitting it. Busta watched the entries, selected his favorites, and had director Hype Williams splice them into the final cut.

And now we’re happy to debut the results. Busta once again demonstrates he knows how to own a video, even when Chris Brown’s doing some mind-blowing acrobatics. Take a look, and see which fans did the verse nice enough to earn Busta’s seal of approval. Peep the winners’ and non-winners’ submissions here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SpitLikeBustaRhymes

Watch the behind-the-scenes making of “Why Stop Now” here:http://youtu.be/PZSkEpsVAhY


Lil Wayne – How To Love Video

August 24, 2011


Wretch 32 – Black and White Album Review

August 22, 2011

Jermaine Scott (born 9 March 1985) better known by his stage name Wretch 32, is an English rapper and former grime Mc  from Tottenham, London, where he grew up the son of a local reggae DJ in the notorious Tiverton

No. Title Length
1. “Black and White” 4:03
2. “Never Be Me” (featuring Angel) 3:32
3. Traktor” (featuring L) 3:47
4. “Please Don’t Let Me Go” 3:45
5. Unorthodox” (featuring Example) 3:23
6. “I’m Not The Man” (featuring Angel & Chipmunk) 4:24
7. “Anniversary (Fall In Love)” (featuring Alex Mills) 3:44
8. “Sane’s The New Mad” 3:28
9. “Forgiveness” (featuring Etta Bond) 5:06
10. “Long Way Home” (featuring Daley) 3:56
11. “Let Yourself Go” 3:53
12. “Don’t Be Afraid” (featuring Delilah) 3:28
13. “Hush Little Baby” (featuring Ed Sheeran) 3:56
14. Don’t Go” (featuring Josh Kumra) 3:58
15. “Breathe (Sha La La)” 4:01

The Black and White album shows you that a grime MC can transform into an established uk artist. Wrecth 32 recently secured his first uk number one  with “Dont Go” ft Josh Kumra giving the driving force for the album. Many people say that Grime Mc’s Can never hold a track without a Featured artist, the black and white proves this statement to be true by the amount of Ft’s on the album. In defence to the album and to counter act the statement, i would say that this allows the artist’s to cross over to many genre’s.

Back in 2007 you can only see that wretch 32 would be destined for great things, off the starting block with a different outlook on music and visuals

Tracks Recommended: Never Be Me, Traktor,Forgiveness, Unorthodox,Long Way Home, Don’t Be Afraid, Dont go


Buy ‘Black And White’ the album NOW
iTunes: http://bit.ly/BLACKWHITE
iTunes deluxe version: http://bit.ly/BLACKWHITE-DELUXE
HMV deluxe version: http://bit.ly/BLACKWHITE-HMVDELUXECD
Play: http://bit.ly/BLACKWHITE-PLAYCD
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Drake – Forever (feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem)

September 24, 2009

MUSICOLOGY: Video is directed by hype williams, drake once again acting like kanye in the videos lol, he must really look up to him

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September 10, 2009

MUSICOLOGY: Now some people are asking me who’s dirty money?,why are they called dirty money? and so on………I dont know im not Diddy so ill let him tell you him self check out the video below.

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So now you should have watched the clip to know that Dawn ex member of Danity Kane and Kaleena have formed a collective not a group i repeat not a group. The collective is made of singers,song writers and producers called Dirty Money. The 3 pictured above a the face of the collective so don’t be surprised to see your girl Cassie in the line up soon.

My favorite song at the moment is actually love comes down by dirty money so this is why i thought i would introduce them officially instead of just posting a link to the song or the video, gives you a chance to see how i feel about this group.


My first reaction to the song was ohhhh hear we go another bad boy venture that never follows through, but we will see i like the nature of love comes down as it is a defo party tack which is very up lifting and the bass is very sexual i might add.


The new official music video from dirty money Directed by Hype Williams. i would have loved the first single to be you know what but who am i to ask.

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The-Dream – Walking On The Moon (feat. Kanye West)

May 30, 2009

Musicology: This is actually a good video from the dream ft Kanye west, a little reminiscent of the scream video with Micheal and Janet Jackson.

Musicology Stylist: i know youv’e not seen me post in a while, but i thought i would give my opinion on the dream attire, he must have a stylist now because i don’t think he would of picked out those clothes. But i like them so well done to the team.

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Busta Rhymes – Hustler’s Anthem (feat. T-Pain)

April 7, 2009

Directed by hype williams

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